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Whether you’re buying a new home, building your dream house or need to make additions or alterations, we have a tailored solution for you.

The basics

Your Nedbank home loan provides the finance you need to acquire a home of your own. This could be an established residential property (freehold or sectional title) or a vacant piece of land. You can even buy a holiday home or cottage.

The term of the loan is negotiable up to 20 years, and the interest rate you pay is market-related and always competitive. As a general rule, your monthly repayment may not exceed 30% of your gross monthly cash income - with joint income considered where appropriate. To help get them started, first time buyers qualify for a 0% deposit on their home loans.

A Nedbank home loan is negotiated around your financial circumstances. By what you require now, while anticipating your future needs.

When negotiating your home loan, remember you can mix and match various options to suit your personal circumstances.

Let’s look at the options available.

108% Home Loan

If you’re a first time buyer with a Home Loan Corporate Guarantee from your employer (offered by many large Corporates and Government), you qualify for a Home Loan of up to 108%.

The extended Home Loan is meant to help cover admin fees and associated registration costs for buying a new home. On a Home Loan of N$1 million that is an additional N$80 000 to cover your expenses or N$160 000 on a home loan of N$2 million. Many times these fees are the difference between settling for something and buying the home you really want.

Revolving Home Loan

You can use your Nedbank home loan as an investment vehicle with the Revolving Home Loan option.

All payments made in excess of your monthly Home Loan instalments are saved on your account, generating considerable interest and tax savings. These funds are available to access whenever you need.

This facility is automatically available on all Nedbank Home Loans.


With a Re-advance on your Home Loan you can benefit from increasing property prices by revaluing your home and extending your Home Loan to the new increased value. You can use these additional funds to make alterations and renovations and extend your current home into the dream home that you want. These funds can be used exclusively for alterations and renovations to your home.

Building loans

Sometimes your dream home doesn’t exist yet. Nedbank also provides financing for new developments developments.


If you already have a Home Loan financed elsewhere, Nedbank offers a takeover deal for you to bring your Home Loan over to Nedbank at no bond costs and a potential better offer.

Talk to us for a pre-approval

With all the options available we are sure to find a unique solution, or combination of solutions to meet your needs. In fact, why not apply for a pre-approved home loan limit?

We will provide you with a letter stating that credit is available up to an agreed amount which is then subject to a valuation acceptable to Nedbank. You then know precisely up to what limit you may negotiate when looking for a home or even a holiday home or cottage.

To get started e-mail: or call:

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The following documents are available for download:

With us, your dreams will find a home