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Resolving conflict between humans and wildlife
The persecution of species and populations of animals, especially in communal areas where people live in close contact with animals such as Lion and the African Wild Dog, can spell disaster – unless the human-animal conflict is resolved.

Nedbank Namibia has funded several conservation projects since the inception of the Go Green Fund in 2001 aimed at, amongst other, the development of management plans to limit such conflict.

African Wild Dog Project
With a population estimated at around 250 animals in Namibia, the African wild dog faces a bleak future. Only about 35 of these animals live in formally protected areas in the northeast of the country. The remainder range across private farmlands and communal areas where they come into conflict with stock farmers.

One of the key management interventions of the African Wild Dog Project, sponsored by Nedbank Namibia is to limit human-induced persecution in the current free-ranging population through environmental education and community outreach.

Another management intervention is to train local farming communities in the benefits of integrated livestock and predator management.

Kunene Lion Project
Nedbank Namibia has also supported the Kunene Lion Project which is aimed at conserving the unique population of desert-adapted lions in the Kunene Region. These ‘desert’ lions have attracted world-wide attention and have become a major attraction for tourist visiting this remote region.

Much as they are valued as a tourist attraction, the lions pose a threat to livestock farmers living in the area as they prey on their domestic stock.

The inevitable result of this is human-lion conflict which has increased significantly since the early 2000s because of the growth in the size of the population and the expansion of the area inhabited by the lions.

Nedbank Namibia’s support of the Kunene Lion Project will ultimately result in the implementation of conflict management plans in two key conservancies in the Kunene Region.

The generous financial support provided by Nedbank Namibia to these two worthy conservation projects will help to secure the future of the unique ‘desert’ lions of the Kunene Region and the African wild dogs of Northeastern Namibia for generations to come.

You, too, can help support conservation projects aimed at ensuring the survival of animal and bird species threatenede by extinction. Nedbank Namibia will donate N$500 for every home loan and N$150 for every vehicle financed in its Go Green suite (at no cost to you) to the Go Green Fund.

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