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Vehicle Finance
When you're in the market for a vehicle, you want to be sure of getting the best possible deal. Not only on the actual vehicle – but also on the way it is financed.

You need finance that will allow you to take control of your vehicle deal – that will give you the necessary leverage to negotiate special discounts.

Finance that will be personalised in a way that reflects your status as a sophisticated, thinking buyer.

The answer is personal vehicle finance from Nedbank Namibia.

It's as good as cash, it's designed for you – and is a quick source of funds when you need to acquire the vehicle you’ve chosen. At Nedbank Namibia, we go out of our way to give you prompt attention.

When you have all the details of the vehicle you want to buy – the cost and from whom – come straight into Nedbank. Negotiate the finance you need, quickly and efficiently with the people you can trust to be serious about your proposal, and to treat the matter as urgent.

Shaped to fit your individual requirements
No matter how exacting your personal requirements, talk to Nedbank. You can negotiate your monthly payments with your branch, arrange a payment term to suit your circumstances and rely on getting a competitive deal plus the personal, professional attention you deserve. In fact, you will find our interest rates very competitive.

Go Green now with wheels!
Finance your vehicle with Nedbank Namibia for N$100 000 or more and we'll donate N$150 to the Go Green conservation fund on your behalf.
  • Choose from instalment sale, lease or other available options, tailored to suit your needs
  • Competitive rates, flexible options, conserving our heritage
Ask your personal banker or relationship manager for details.



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